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My life in writing

....and whatever that comes with it.

18 June 1984
External Services:

Ex-employee of sanofi-aventis (2007 - 2009)
JE aka guys in the form of pretty boys.
Books, novels, magazines, manga
Downloading. Japanese music. Jdoramas.
Arashi. Sakurai.
Shopping. Unique clothes. Accessories. Watches. Hats
A huge lover of food. Long-time addict to chocolates and potatoes and pasta.
I like vegetables and i owe it to my good friend Mel. You have to be healthy sometimes, you know. :)

DISLIKE: Stupidity. Snobs. Jerks. Bullies.
I have zero tolerance for spoilt brats, snobs and assholes. If you belong to the categories stated, please refrain from adding me. Provided that you don't belong to the above, you're very much welcome. However, please tell me a little bit about yourself. I would love to know more about who i will be befriending.^.^

This is the most i'm willing to reveal. I'm generally nice. But patience is the one thing i haven't worked on...yet. My LJ will be "friends only" soon due to personal reasons.

I basically "stalk":
1. irc.aniverse: #arashi (OP)
2. irc.rizon: #arashi (OP), #aznmp3, #nipponsei, .... basically any rizon music channels.
3. Occasionally: irc.highway #fet, #shinsen-subs, #dailymanga
Used to fserve a lot. And i use the same nick most of the time.