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Some people on Tenipuri LJ have no sense of appreciation at all...
AS Alexiel
Why do I even go back I honestly have no idea. Maybe I'm just bored. It was fun back then when Tenipuri LJ had all the members I used to know. And it was civil.

And now, the community have idiots that prefer to leech off generous people who shared and even have the cheek of asking for more, or even for better quality formats! Hey morons! It's because of you fuckers out there that most people on Tenipuri LJ won't give a shit about sharing anymore. And there's a thing called B-U-Y-I-N-G! If you can pay for internet to leech stuff off people, you can buy tenipuri!

On another note, I want to go to Japan with nickie_ng this March! T_T I have no social life.

And I hope EVERYONE'S WELL ON LJ! *hugs and kisses*

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(Deleted comment)
Most of our old crowd are still in my LJ friend's list (unless they've "unfriended me" because I haven't been back for a while). I hardly ever go on FB unless I absolutely have to. By the way, do I have you on FB?

I suppose I would have to postpone my japan trip. To be honest, now would be an awesome time to go with the sakura season and all. :(

I think ever since I migrated to Australia, my social life has been pretty non-existant. Partially my fault anyway cos I've somewhat become more anti-social. Maybe I've reached that age when I prefer to just stay at home and chill...Oh yeah, another reason, I'm broke. HAH!

It's lovely to talk to you again Yuki!! *hugs back*

(Deleted comment)

Yup! I do have you on FB. I was pretty sure I do! Won't be able to live with myself if I don't have you on my FB! XD

I don't even bother bout that comm anymore orz

XD I was too bored. XD

:/ I hate that... it's like, seriously?! why don't they get the by-fans-for-fans-out-of-love concept... people today expect too much, and they want everything to be free... *grumbles*

YAY Go to Japan!! And maybe we can meet up too!! (I'm seeing nickie on her last morning before she leaves XD;;;; ....)

Hi Yoshiko! Very sorry for the late reply! I couldn't login with my existing commitments.

One thing I just don't understand is that why they wouldn't want to spend any money to buy Tenipuri stuff. I mean with cdjapan having discounts almost all the time, it's not very expensive. Back then, I've saved up my pocket money to buy what i wanted.

I wished I could have met you! It would be absolutely amazing! But It wasn't feasible for me to travel just for 4 days. It was a bit short. :( Plus my parents weren't be very thrilled if I leave my sister alone here in Australia. >_<

XD;;; *the person who just spend hundreds in one month on tenipuri stuff....*

I can understand not wanting to own things. I don't really like owning books, dvds, or cds (I like having everything digital) or some picture things (I'm not so into stickers or clearfiles... I buy them sometimes, but would rather just have scans to look through from time to time). But if you really want something, you just have to buy it. Netizens should be happy they can get so much for free rather than complain.

AWE I KNOW, it would be so much fun to meet in Japan... :') Oooo maybe I can go to Australia... that sounds... exotic........ why am I only picturing dust right now....

Hahaha. Most parts of Australia is just barren like a desert. Melbourne is nice place to go. Perth's boring! If you do come to Perth, let me know! Would be so awesome to finally meet up!

=^__^= I'm sure I would have fun just hanging out. :D Someday!! My list of places to travel lengthens...

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