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So i spent the whole nite crying. I don't know what happened but the tears just started falling.

And today all the students were really upset because the lecturer told us that a lot of people were plagarising (in his context) and he was really pissed off. So i think he's gonna fail a lot of people that that will most likely include yours truly, and those to fail have to redo the assigment again! and bloody hell! we have our oral exams next week! 3 of them! Where can we find the time to do all that shit?! And he doesn't want to give us the results until this friday!! Come on man! Are you daft?!

Nenad gets my vote for being the worst lecturer I have ever had in my entire life!

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Ridiculous is understatement if you experienced this yourself! To think i have to see this lecturer for another year makes me feel so sick to my stomach. I'm not very thrilled...

Actually, someone before my batch (i'm the's someone from the 3rd) did send a letter of complaint but it fell on deaf ears. but that was to the dean of the faculty. Someone from my batch is going complain to the dean of the university or the student centre. i'm not sure how's it going now but i sure hope it works out for her (that lecturer was nasty to me but i think she got it even worse than me). yeah i;m focusing on my finals now.

The only thing i can do now is to try not to agitate the lecturer. i've been trying my best not to get into his black book for a while now..hope it's working...although i doubt my effort will most likely be futile!

Omgosh! Are you coming back?! That's wonderful news!! Can't wait to see you Kerri!! Do look me up when you get back! We have so much to catch up! My number is 0431704495 in case you don't have it.

ganbare! I hope that nothing else has happened, and that your finals went well!

Un...I'm flying back early September. I'm really sorry I've been so out of touch - the last 6 months have been hectic. Hell, what am I has been hectic since after the first JET summer! Will give you a call once I settle in and get a new phone and everything!

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