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So i spent the whole nite crying. I don't know what happened but the tears just started falling.

And today all the students were really upset because the lecturer told us that a lot of people were plagarising (in his context) and he was really pissed off. So i think he's gonna fail a lot of people that that will most likely include yours truly, and those to fail have to redo the assigment again! and bloody hell! we have our oral exams next week! 3 of them! Where can we find the time to do all that shit?! And he doesn't want to give us the results until this friday!! Come on man! Are you daft?!

Nenad gets my vote for being the worst lecturer I have ever had in my entire life!

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*hugs back*

it gets better! He IS the course coordinator! I bet he came up with the idea that you should pass all components in every unit in order to pass the trimester. If you flunk one component for one unit, u're pretty much screwed and will have to repeat the subject. T_T He was really nasty to 1 student. When she politely asked him about her grades (he flunk her for an assignment bcos of plagarism but according to her she wasn't plagarising. she even checked it against several plagarism softwares), he threatened her that he could have failed her for the entire unit! I don't know how she felt during that time but she would be extremely upset.

My course was pretty new so they'll bound to have more crappy lecturers. Believe me transfering uni have crossed my mind before. But i'm waiting for this trimester to finish and then decide from there.

I'm sure you'll do fine for your postgrad!! *hugs* You sound like a very competent person!

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